About Us

The RA Union at Stony Brook is proud to represent about 700 RAs from many different departments. Our union was formed in 2008 because Research Assistants wanted to have fair employment rights such as health insurance, a guaranteed salary, and job security. We organized through a larger national union, Communication Workers of America’s Local 1104 Education Division, and are still proud to be affiliated with them today.

Through the hard work of many RAs and supporters, and through many demonstrations, rallies, protests and plans, we negotiated our first employment contract in 2011, and gained many benefits from it, including: a minimum salary and guaranteed salary increases for reach year, healthcare, dental and vision insurance, a grievance system where RAs could safely seek help for workplace problems, fee waivers to compensate us for university fees, safety from discrimination, and more.

As of June 2013, our first contract ended and we have begun to negotiate our second contract between our union and the Research Foundation. Our union’s Bargaining Team, made up of RAs who have volunteered to negotiate along with the help of our lawyer, have helped us to work toward increases in the salary and workplace safety of all RAs, along with many other important points. We send newsletters through email to keep RAs updated about what’s happened in each negotiation meeting.

We hold Open Meetings each month so that RA Union members can get involved in the union, and encourage all new RAs to attend our meetings to learn what the union is all about!

Many departments have an RA representative, called a Division Coordinator, who can help you with any problems or questions that you might have. You can email us for their name and contact info!

We look forward to continuing to represent the astounding RAs at Stony Brook University. Fall 2013 will begin a wonderful and important year for our union, where we will finish negotiating our 2nd to ensure that all RAs have a living wage, proper benefits, and are always represented in the workplace! contract and continue fighting